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subforms not working with template field

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Omer Uyar
Regular Contributor.

subforms not working with template field

Hi all,

I use SD4.5 with SP19. I'm trying to insert subforms when the template is changed in work orders. I' ve succeeded to do that with the category field. Let me write what i did;

1 - I created generic relations with template and form field. I setup the related relations with the template field values and subforms.
2 - In the form i put the insertion marker.
3 - In the UI rule I control the change on template field, if any change exists on the template field i insert the subform.

That' s all good working with the category fiedl. I' m able to insert the right subforms and clear when needed dynamically. But when i try to use template field i can not play with subforms. Thanks in advance.
George M. Meneg
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: subforms not working with template field


This was fixed in SP20, broken in SP22 and fixed again in SP24.

In SP19 this doesn't work. If you need this functionality you need to upgrade at least to SP20 (recommended) since SP24 is out about 20 days and of unknown stability.
menes fhtagn
Omer Uyar
Regular Contributor.

Re: subforms not working with template field

Thank you George. I think it is time to upgrade SP20.