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service level is wrong

1211 jack
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service level is wrong

The ovsd show service level is wrong please see more detail in attach files.

service level show incorrect â Bronze (8*5)â .In fact the ovsd is must show service level according configure in Service and SLA so it value is should be â Shift (15*7)â

Please advice me may be I configure is wrong.

Product: OVSD v4.5.0588.1805 + SP18

Mgt server OS: Win2003 server + SP1

Database: SQL2000 + SP3A

Richard Fredrik
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Re: service level is wrong

Did you correctly configure the service level weight?
George M. Meneg
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Re: service level is wrong


CIs just like SLAs can have a Service Level of its own. Check what Service Level is related to the CI.

In theory the most strict service level should be chosen so you may very well stumble upon a bug.
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