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service desk reporting through crystal reports

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service desk reporting through crystal reports


I hav SD4.5 sp23 and using crystal report2008.
I want to generate report like this:Suppose there r ten servers and 2 routers,i hav to make report stating that what is the total duration of time in the last month,each one is down.
ie the total time period of each router and server whn they r down.
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Re: service desk reporting through crystal reports

First you have to make sure of the following

1) On your incidents actually have a hard link to those CI's (if indeed they're stored in your CMDB).

2) Your incidents must track an outage time. If you're not autopopulating incidents via monitoring software, and you're not getting the data manually from people logging incidents, then the only resort is to do a datediff on the actual start / actual finish fields.

Once you've ensured those two things you build a report like this...
Selection criteria: Select only the CI's you mention above with a time period
Details: Incident #, CI, "Duration" (however you're determining the second point above)
Grouping: Probably by CI
Summary: Sum the "duration" field for each CI