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sendmail errors

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sendmail errors


I am using SD4.5 SP20 running on a unix machine.

today I had some issues I cannot point my finger upon. We use emails to create automatical servicecalls, but that did not work for several hours. Chekcing our Exchange server learned they were transfered to the unix server weher a sendmail-app is running.

In the logfiles I can see SMTP errors but I have no idea where to look for a solution.
especially the following string "=?US-ASCII?B?IlRldXJmcywgUGF0cmlrIg==?= " gives me questions ?

I have pasted a small list of my logfile in attachment for you can see.

thank you,
The Pike
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Re: sendmail errors

will most likely be for outbound e-mail. As you can see, the errors come from your server.

Other than that, from what is seen in the log you attached, it looks like Service Desk is correctly receiving mail and sending messages out.

It would seem as if the outbound e-mail server is not correctly parsing e-mails from Service Desk. Of course, this is only based on the information at hand.

Hope this helps.
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The Pike