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sd5.1 attachment structure. web-api access

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sd5.1 attachment structure. web-api access

Hello all,

I am using SD5.10.066 (Patch1) and I need to read attachments of an incident/servicecall using sd-webapi.jar. It is not possible to get the data via the web-api (well I think that's the case since it was not possible with sd4.5 also) so I need to read the data directly from the ftp server.

Unfortunately I do not know how to calculate/receive the path to the actual file. I know how it is working with sd4.5 where the oid of the

incident is used to calculate the path and the oid of the attachment to calculate the actual filename. The path calculation has been changed for sd5.1. But the filename is simply still the oid of the attachment.

Here an example:
The oid of the incident is: 00000000-0000-0000-02ad-b4056ba4ca9d
The oid of the attachment is: 00000000-0000-0000-02ad-b4056ba4caa0
The file location at the ftp server is:

So there has to be some calculation using the incident oid (00000000-0000-0000-02ad-b4056ba4ca9d) to generate the path to the attachment (303\030\303\030\303\02d\303\030\302\d30\30).

Does anybody know how I can get the path to my attachment?

Many thanks in advance,