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sd on unix and windows - beginners

Wilfried Riegel
Respected Contributor.

sd on unix and windows - beginners

customer had an application server on hp-ux
and now installed another application server on windows. both use port 30998.´the unix-server shall not be used in future.

We stopped unix-server with /sbin/init.d/hpovsdserver -stop and status says: not running.

nevertheless: when client connects to unixserver.30998 he still connects to database.

I am not experienced in unix. what do we have to do on unix on top? in manual I found only this hpovsdserver -stop.
George M. Meneg
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Re: sd on unix and windows - beginners

Hello Wilfried,

Though it is somewhat "radical" you can use lsof to see what process is using 30998 and kill -9 it if it refuses to stop.

However you must prevent this for starting again when the machine reboots.
menes fhtagn
Wilfried Riegel
Respected Contributor.

Re: sd on unix and windows - beginners

just for completion.
George, the hint with checking reboot was usefull:
we found a nested script, which used port 30999.
console showed: server not running on 30998.
but of course it not showed, that 30999 was still running.

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