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sd_event Paramters with spaces

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Rory Emmans

sd_event Paramters with spaces

I am trying to pass some paramters to a script to update the Deadline date on a ticket but I am having issues passing paramters with a space in it using sd_event in a UI Rule. i.e. Category it grabs "Request" but I need it to grab the all text which is "Request for Service" and for Priority it grabs "Priority" when i need it to grab "Priority 3" all other paramters pass fine except for any with spaces. I tried single quotes, double quotes before and after variable. Does anybody know what format the variables need to be in to pick up all the characters? Thanks in advance
Ruth Porter
Honored Contributor

Re: sd_event Paramters with spaces

Hi Rory,

Have you tried escaping the quotes? For example

"\"Request for Service\""

The issue with spaces tends to be how many times the string is parsed by the OS so you may need to escape it more than once - experiment with this and good luck!

Hope this helps, Ruth

Re: sd_event Paramters with spaces

I have the same proiblem.

I am trying to create service call via sd_event and there are quotes in the Information field.
I tried: \"Text\", "\"Text\"" , '\"Text\'" - it doesn't work :(

Does anybody know how to solve this issue?

Re: sd_event Paramters with spaces

For example:
C:/sd_event/sd_event.exe -f sd_event.ini -v STATUS=Registered INF="\"Test 'test 2'"\" SOURCEID=123 Error: null
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event