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sd_dataform on sp20

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Nathan Brand
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sd_dataform on sp20

When I running a complex sd_dataform from CMD its working fine.
=sd_dataform "Work orders" -ForceNew +"status=New" +"Description=New Employee" +"Priority=Low" +"category=new employee" +"Assignment.To workgroup.Searchcode=HELPDESK-L2" +"Assignment.Assignment Priority=Low" +"classification=Install"

But when running from UI rule it's not running or returns error
I have tried
= command:sd_dataform
Parameters: "Work orders" -ForceNew
And it did work but, when I added more parameters, even one, I got error about the (") and then error about the attribute (New)
= command:sd_dataform
Parameters: "Work orders" -ForceNew +"status=New"

Thanks for any help.

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Re: sd_dataform on sp20

Hi Nathan,

unfortunatelly it does not work well directly with UI Rules...

Create a Smart Action and call the Smart Action from the UI-Rule.

Then it works. Do not forget to add the sd_dataform command in Business Logic > Application to use it from the Smart Action.

Hope this helps,
Mark O'Loughlin
Honored Contributor

Re: sd_dataform on sp20


Set sd_dataform as an application and set the parmaeters in a smart action that is linked to sd_dataform set up as an application

then in the uI rule select to run a smart action instead of a command exec and it should work.

Set the application and smart action up in the admin console under business logic
There are more posts like this one with some great tips if you search the forum
Nathan Brand
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Re: sd_dataform on sp20

so simple when you know.
the start action work like a charm.
thanks you both
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event