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rules for deadline

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rules for deadline

Each time I changed the severity for any service call, the Deadline automatically changed accordingly.
Where is this rule set up? I can't find it in the UI or database rule.
Vasily Kamenev
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Re: rules for deadline

I think you try found the rule where sets Deadline? the deadline set by Priorety, that internal system rule.

George M. Meneg
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Re: rules for deadline

Hello Veronica,

There is no such UI rule. This is done automatically.

There are two relationships defined for Priority. Priority vs Impact and Duration vs Priority.

The impact vs priority is defined on Administrator Console/Data/Codes/Service Level Agreement/Service Level. For each service level you can define how Impact is Related to Priority.

When you change the Impact on a service call automatically OVSD retrieves the associated Priority (if there is no SLA, the Default Service Level is used).

The Duration vs Priority is defined on Data/Codes/Service Call/Service Call Priority Duration Settings. There, for each priority you define the maximum duration and from there the deadline is calculated.

Hope that helps.

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