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regarding warning in sd logs

Acclaimed Contributor

regarding warning in sd logs

I am also facing the same error.But i guess no virus has attack the netwok as i am getting continuously the invalid request from single IP.
The error is mentioned below:
The server socket for protocol: ITP on port: 30,999 received an invalid request. The request was sent by: ovassetce (ip address: from port: 1,602

Himanshu Chawla
Honored Contributor

Re: regarding warning in sd logs

Just by looking at the name ovassetcentre-pp-1-dy, I would guess it's some kind of integration attempt from the HP Asset Center product. Contact the owners of that.

Honored Contributor

Re: regarding warning in sd logs


This is Service Desk letting you know that the device/server called: is trying to connect to SD ITP port 30,999 but of course it could´t.

Look for that device/server and see what it does, probably is a port scanner or monitor.

The Asset Center guess is also very accurate, just check on why that device/server tried to connect to SD server.

Randall Barrantes
SW Support Delivery Manager
Occasional Contributor

Re: regarding warning in sd logs

Hi Himanshu,
Thanks for reply.
can u just suggest me what kind of integration attempt is made from HP AC.

Also when i searched the AC logs i didn't find any thing unusual and also it is showing that the connection was established.
And the data was sent successfully.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event