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refresh attachments

Raghunathan Tik
Outstanding Contributor.

refresh attachments

here is my third query.

Attachments: When a user attaches a file to a ticket, the user has to refresh the ticket or click again on the Attachment symbol in order to visibly see that the file has been attached to the ticket. Is there a way to avoid this behavior i.e. once the file is attached to the ticket, without refreshing the ticket or without clicking on the attachment symbol again, the file attachment should be visible on the ticket?

Jonathon Druce
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: refresh attachments

You will find that this happens if the screen is maximised. If it is not maximised and you attach a file the screen will be expanded to show the attachment. When maximised the screen is not refreshed to show the attachment area unless you click on the attachment icon as you described.

As far as I am aware you cannot change this behaviour.