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"user person" on advanced find

Crist Vandendri
Esteemed Contributor

"user person" on advanced find

Hi all,

I've noticed that on an advanced find for CI you can search on "user person" and on "user organization".

When I try this, I always get zero records found (eg User person is not empty). However, I'm sure that there are CIs that are used by persons or organizations.

Also, I haven't seen these fields in advanced find before. So I'm wondering, have I been blind for several years or are these new (not working) options since one or the other SP or am I failing to see the true usage of those fields.

Any comments are welcome.


Terry A. Moir
Esteemed Contributor

Re: "user person" on advanced find

What version are you running? I have SP15 & don't see these entries (although I can type them on the Advanced Find "More Criteria" field..)

Jonathon Druce
Honored Contributor

Re: "user person" on advanced find

I have owner person and owner organisation. Do you have these? Maybe the field names have been renamed.
Hanspeter Loche
Regular Collector

Re: "user person" on advanced find

... and even not in SP16
Crist Vandendri
Esteemed Contributor

Re: "user person" on advanced find

Jonathan got me on the right track. Not renaming of fields but simply custom fields on of the admins created without filling out the required specs.

Maybe I was hoping too much that hp was implementing searches on relations (The George trick), so I didn't see what I had to see. The obvious!

Thanks all.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event