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"New" Email Command

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Esteban N
New Member.

"New" Email Command

Dear All,

I'm trying hard to get email commands work like I think they are supposed to work. Specifically I would like to create a ticket with an email, with some fields (such as impact, configuration item, etc.) already set.

What I've tried is to send a message with the subject "New This is my description" and with a body with a set of field = value pairs, e.g.

Information: this is the information
Impact: none - no degradation of service

This will then create a call with the description "This is my description", however, neither Information nor Impact are preset. I did not get any email-error message back either.

Is someone able to point me into a good direction or tell me that what I'm trying to achieve is simply not possible?

Many thanks,
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Re: "New" Email Command

Hi Esteban,

In order to get the extra fields like Impact filled, you need to enable the option: "Extend New With Update Command" (which is only present in latest SD4.5 service packs).

If you do not have such option (under System Panel> Email properties), then you can not do this using NEW command.

You will need to create the call first with NEW, and then send another email with UPDATE command to update the fields in the call.

Randall Barrantes
SW Support Delivery Manager
Esteban N
New Member.

Re: "New" Email Command

Many thanks for the answer, this explains the "malfunction".

best regards,