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priority in SD4.5 SP19

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priority in SD4.5 SP19

Hi everybody,
I know that my question is so idiot but I have a problem with the priority. Is there any internal rule, not editable, that make me to insert some fields in a specific way in order to obtain the priority? I mean, when I insert,1º the organization,2º SC category, 3º SC Classification and 4º Impact, no way, no priority, I change the order of insertion, ok, priority. I have checked the UI rule that I have for obtaining the priority, changing the position of the several "and" compounds. Sometimes OK, sometimes NO.

Tell me what to do
Robert S. Falko
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Re: priority in SD4.5 SP19


In our case, priority is ONLY determined the Impact, and sometimes the severity. None of the other criteria you mention - Organization, Category, Classication - are taken into account.

So the answer is that (in SP 18), there is no internal, uneditable rule that is creating your difficulty.

According to best practice, the priority will determine the deadline, depending on the Service Level being used. The organization (and perhaps the caller) together with the Service concerned will determine the SLA, and therefore the Service Level. Therefore, Organization does not determine the priority - it only influences how you should act on that priority.

It is hard to say whether category or classification should have any impact in priority - it all depends on how you interpret these fields. In our case, they have no relation at all to priority.

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Re: priority in SD4.5 SP19

Thank you for the information. In my installation, the Organization Department in connection with the category and the classification of the Service Calls should have the influence in the priority. The problem that I have is that depending on the impact is introduced the last or not we obtain automaticaly the priority or is still in blank.

thanks in advanced