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outbound email issue

Alexander Kriku
Frequent Visitor

outbound email issue

We're using SD 4.5 SP24 with SQL Server database. The mail is sent via Exchange Server.

The issue is as follows:
All the members of the workgroup receive emails when the servicecall is assigned to their group. If there are many members in the workgroup, each person receives the corrupt email.

We have found out, that in this case the total length of email field "to:" in email header contains more than 1024 symbols.
The mail server divides the header into parts of size 1024 bytes. As a result, the outlook client does not recognize the email properly.

Besides we tried to send to the same recipients the email using BLAT client and the email was correct.

So, is it an issue of SD mail server or outlook client? Are there any settings to be checked?

The similar issue was given in this thread:

Thanks in advance for the answers

Raymond Crijnen
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Re: outbound email issue

Hi Alexander,

To be sure where the problem is caused, you can activate email logging. That will include the emails sent by servicedesk in the servicedesk log file. There you can check if servicedesk sends the email correctly and that way identify if the problem is in Exchange or in servicedesk.
If the problem is in servicedesk (what I expect), I would advice you to start using a database rule that sends these emails. When you include a distribution list email address in every workgroup, you can have servicedesk send a message to that distribution list whenever a call is assigned to a workgroup.
You can contact me at raymond || @ || smt-x || . || com
Alexander Kriku
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Re: outbound email issue

thanks for the reply.

email logging is turned on and according to the log file, the email is being sent correctly.
the problem is either at the receiving side, or the way SD generates the email header.

i'll try to create a DB rule to send messages to group
Alexander Kriku
Frequent Visitor

Re: outbound email issue

we have found this article

maybe it can help to resolve the problem

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event