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outbound email in html format?

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Turan Atac
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outbound email in html format?

I'm currently using SD5 SP1. We have a plenty of db rules which sends email alerts to our users. But all this emails are in plain text format, and we want to apply some formattings, style sheets in these emails. But there's nowhere that we can change content type of email. It's always sent as text.

So how can we able to send email with content type html?

I'm currently using SD5 SP1

Thanks in advance..
Oguz Kutlu Asi
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Re: outbound email in html format?

Hi Turan

Good to see you again.I hope you're doing ok.

Check if the thread

can give some ideas to you.
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Turan Atac
Trusted Contributor.

Re: outbound email in html format?

Hello Oguz,

Good to see you too. :)

I opened a case about this, and HP took this request as an enhancement request.

Although I was thinking the way you told me in the beginning, there's some question marks in my mind, such as how can i pass multiline fields as parameter to these command line tools. I'd like to get your opinion about such a problem.

After your post, febooti seems a good tool to work on. But i cannot use it standalone. I think to develop an application which i can define email templates, with service call fields defined in it, and then a command line tool which gets two parameters, as service call id, and template name, and a service that takes this job and fill in the blanks (field names) in the template and sends as an email. Maybe i can use febooti as sending tool, or i can develop sending program internally in my program.