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open attachements in service desk upgraded to sp17

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open attachements in service desk upgraded to sp17

I did run the perl migration script earlier to open attachments when I had upgraded my hpsd client and server to sp17 and it worked like a charm. Now I am doing the same thing on a windows 2003 box and trying to open the attachments I get the ftp error which is trying to find the path to the attachment and gets to the new structure but somewhere in the middle the path is lost and the file is missing. I have a production roll out in couple days for the above. I urge if anyone has a solution pls reply imm. here is the error Servicecall/000/000/000/000/000/000/010/000/da3/ddd/2b/00000000-0000-0000-0001-00012caf007b: after Servicecall/000/000/000/000/000/000 the app is not able to find 010 because the new folder structure does not have it,instead it has 001
Vasily Kamenev
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Re: open attachements in service desk upgraded to sp17

Run again script for modefy ftp sructure in to other folder(folder2) and look on, is this file exist in new ? if not then need look on old ftp stucture, exist the file in Servicecall/281478638198059/281480021344379 or not exist.