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newbie Web API question

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Jayel Villamin
Regular Contributor.

newbie Web API question

I have tried the examples that came with the CD.
I can run then fine from the unix shell.

My question now is : How can I run these examples from a browser? I'm not really familiar with Java so specific steps would be most helpful.

Thanks for the reply. :)
Jacek Pliszka_2
Respected Contributor.

Re: newbie Web API question

The name web-api is in my opinion misleading.
You do not run the examples from your browser
- you run them from command line (this may mean web server).
Jayel Villamin
Regular Contributor.

Re: newbie Web API question

Can I use the web-api.jar in a browser? If I can, can someone please send me some examples?

I know a bit of Java and alot of c/c++ so I know the examples as is wouldn't not run on a browser.

Thanks for the help.
Radovan Skolnik
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: newbie Web API question

What do you mean "run from browser"? There are basically 2 things that can be "ran from browser":

1. Java applets - something written in Java that runs in your browser (And possibly communicates with server). This is not the case for ServiceDesk WEB-API.
2. You open page(s) in a browser that are generated on WEB server by some Java application. This is the case of SD WEB-API. Check out Service Pages bundle which is an example of such application. I.e. the architecture is like this:

Browser <--(HTTP)--> Java App <--(SD WEB-API)--> SD Server <--(Oracle/MS SQL protocol)--> Database

So to utilize WEB-API "in a browser" you need to use it together with some WEB framework like JSP, Struts, ... (for example Service Pages uses plain ugly JSP)

Hope this helps