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new clients

Robin Goel
Super Collector

new clients

hi frenz,
i m using sd 4.5 with problem is that i have to enter about 100 clents for logging complaints.if i will do it one by one as creating organisation and relating them than it will take much time . is here any easy way to do this??????? sothat i can enter these clients at once.

Re: new clients

Hi Robin,

YES you can do this by help of Data exchange.
1).You just have to:
- put your data (names, codes, email, tel, fax, organization,...) in an excel or csv file
- make an import mapping (can be done manually or with help of the ECW)
- start the import
- check the data

I would recommend to de this first in a test environment! If you are familiar with the data exchange possibilities, you will use it daily ;-)

OR 2). make an automatical data exchange as i prefer...
- repeat 1
- make a script that writes all users in the Active Directory to a file
- schedule the import on an daily base. (Now every new user will be imported automatically into your ServiceDesk database)

Thanks for Points ;-)
have fun, life's to short!
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