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need text 80 field

Jason C. Basket
Trusted Contributor.

need text 80 field

I have a text 40 custom field on all of my objects in OVSD4.5 SP12. I am using it as a CC: line for sending out an email from the form. The problem is that text 40 is too short and text 255 is too long and big for the form. Is there any way to change the DB to allow 80 characters in the text 40 custom field?? The field shows up fine in the form and I do not want to change the size, just enter more that 40 characters.

I tried to search on this via advanced search, but "OV IT Service Mgmt and Service Desk" is no longer listed as an available forum to search from...

Thanks again,
Robert S. Falko
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Re: need text 80 field


ver 4.5 SP 18 allows you to create new custom fields of lengths 40, 50, 80, 255, 4K and 64K. Sounds like what you need.

Beware: if you install SP 18, there is NO currently defined upgrade path to ver 5. We suppose it will be possible when 5.2 is released, but seeing is believing.