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multiple groups assigned views

Saxo Javier
Respected Contributor.

multiple groups assigned views


I am trying to make views that show items (PRs in this case) assigned to multiple workgroups. I use a filter to:
Criteria - "Field - Assignment - To Workgroup"
Operator - "equals"
Value - "TEAM1"

If I add a new line with a TEAM2, then nothing is shown, it seems like one criteria blocks the other one.

Is there any way of working around this without creating/modifying any existing groups?

Thanks in advance
George M. Meneg
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Re: multiple groups assigned views

Hello Saxo,

I'll take that you are using OVSD4.5 with SP<19

In that case each criterion is ANDad to other criteria. To have the ability of complex view filters (AND/OR/NOT) you need to upgrade at least to SP19.

However, in your case, if in the criteria instead of "Assignment;To Workgroup" you select "Assignment;To workgroup;Searchcode" you can use "Contains (OR)" as operator and comma separated list of values at value. However there is a limit of 80 characters in the "Value" field.
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Saxo Javier
Respected Contributor.

Re: multiple groups assigned views

thx. we are running on SP17 and no upgrades to 19 in the near future. thanks for you suggestion :-)
Craig R Taylor
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Re: multiple groups assigned views

I actually use this for my filter:

Assignment;To Workgroup;Search code

Then I put in the search code something like this:

You could alternatively put the full search code in for the search code.
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