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mandatory field combined with UI Rule?

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Felix Demetz
Valued Contributor.

mandatory field combined with UI Rule?


we are using Servicdesk 4.5 and I wanted to know if there is a possibility to make a fiel mandatory with a UI rule?

I mean, when I type in a service call and choose for example the service "Printing" then I would like to have the field "printer ID" on my form mandatory. So the field is only mandatory as soon as I choose a specific service.

Thanks in advance for all help.
The Pike
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: mandatory field combined with UI Rule?

With the exception of Status codes, you cannot use any specific conditions to make fields required in SD4.5.

What you can do is add a UI Rule with a User Notification Message, with Error severity so the service call cannot be saved until the printer ID field has information in it.

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The Pike