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mail server setting

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mail server setting

Hey frenz,
Could u tell me where v define mail server setting in service desk 4.5.

I m facing problem that mail from service desk is going only in internal domain , not to external id i.e.

plz help me

George M. Meneg
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Re: mail server setting

Hello Robs,

Open administrator console and goto System Panel/E-Mail

There you define the outbound email server and the port. OVSD has only inbount mail server that accepts connections to port 25 and does not route mail. Thus, the server defined at the outbound e-mail server must be able to route e-mails.

If your OVSD lies on a server with invalid DNS, chanses are that unless special care is taken, to outbound email server will refuse to route mails coming from OVSD.
menes fhtagn
Robin Goel
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Re: mail server setting

hi george,
yes in my mail server setting it is same as port 25 and my mail server IP, but still it is not going outside domain.
Could u suggest em wht shld i do?
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Re: mail server setting

Hi george,
firstly thanx for giving path for server setting.I chked and that all setting is right but i m not getting mail in external domain.
Could u tell me? Where this problem in setting and plz suggest tha solution.

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Re: mail server setting

Hi Robs,

Check with your mail server 's administrator to see whether your OVSD has been given permission to relay to external domain. If you are using different domain from the internal domain, the administrator may also need to define a MX record.
As your OVSD can successfully send mail to internal, it is no longer an OVSD issue but the black boxes in between the mail server and the outside world.