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mail format for sd4.5

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mail format for sd4.5


I hav configured mail to be sent whenever any critical incident is created in sd4.5 sp23.
The format of the mail consists of fields such as id,status,description,information etc.
My problem is that under information a lot of fields are coming such as:

Information : Original message:
Message group:
Application: TestApp
Object: TestObj
Severity: Critical
Text: Test Message from managed node

Detected by application: TestApp
Object in question: TestObj
Annotations: Annotation 1:
SMTP Pickup Send results (by destination)

i want that under information the msg till text should come.This msg is coming from ovow.

Plz help me very urgent.
The Pike
Honored Contributor

Re: mail format for sd4.5

I don't think I understand what you want to accomplish. Do you want

1. the outgoing e-mail notification to include the text from 'Information: Original Message' to 'Text: Text Message from managed node' and exclude the rest of the text in the Incident's Information field?


2. the Incident Information field to be truncated to 'Text: Text Message from managed node' so the rest of the data passed from OVO to SD is not included?

Re: mail format for sd4.5


Wht u hav mentioned in the first point is correct,i want that.

help me hw to do.
The Pike
Honored Contributor

Re: mail format for sd4.5

If you are using the built-in Assignment notifications, you are probably stuck.

If you are using a DB Rule to send the e-mail notification, you could start by creating another DB Rule that populates a text field with only the lines you need from the Information field. Use the trim functions in Update Data action.

Then you can modify the DB Rule to include the contents of the new field instead of the Information field in the body of the e-mail.

And of course, you want to condition the e-mail DB Rule to trigger only when the new field has been filled, not upon creation of the Incident ticket.

Points are welcome!

The Pike
Shivam Tiwari
Esteemed Contributor

Re: mail format for sd4.5

First is you need to stop send response automated mail through "Sent me Email whenever Item is assigned" thorugh System Panel in OVSD

then created a Database Rule which sends email as per specified format.

Although didnt tried it but I believe you might be able to change the default setting through Email Option in Tools->System and Email options

Never say No. Say I will Do it........

Re: mail format for sd4.5

Pike can u plz tell me the steps by step procedure.

I shall be very thankful.
Vasily Kamenev
Honored Contributor

Re: mail format for sd4.5

If you like really sent only part of Information, the best way include new function in SQL trigger. Because in Rule not exist searching function, but in SQL you can use searching function in trigger and save result to other CF field(255 or 4k). then this CF use in rule.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event