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link Subprocess to process

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link Subprocess to process

We have 2 processes:
1. transport (eg. 3 workorders)
2. move (eg. 5 workorders)

The "transport" process is subprocess of the "move" process.
Is any "best practices" how can/should implement subprocesses in SD 4.5 or SD 5.1?
I think for autowo plus other scripts to feed autowo.
Robert S. Falko
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Re: link Subprocess to process


Ver 4.5 is not able to model modular workflow sub processes out of the box. I do not know about 5.1

One of the main problems is that when you reach the last work order in a sub-flow, you have no way of saying the equivalent of "create the next work order in the main flow". Indeed, the predecessor work orders are always hard coded, so far as I can see.

Given the current state of affairs and the heavy administrative workload to create and maintain workflows, I would take the following approach (if I had the time, the money and the skills):

1) Develop and maintain the workflows in an external application, for example Visio, Adobe Workflow, etc.

2) Instantiate the workflows in OVSD (that is, create the templates) using the web API