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Sergey O
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I am running W2003 SP1. (java I installed SQL 2000 SP4 and SD4.5 SP22.
The SQL and App Server are on the same VM Ware
I created a new SQL DB.
I am trying to create a new DB Connection via DB ConfigWizard (sa User).
I am getting this error: Receive time out
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Re: Receive time out

The timeout indicates it's not talking to your db.
Make sure you do not have the instance field filled as that's for oracle.
When you run the DB configwizard, it will ask for the sql server id which have access to create a new db. (sa).
You can propose a new sql user id & password to be the db owner of the new db.
However, if you already have an existing db predefined for this, you will use the existing id of database db owner. Do not use sa for this as SD expects the dbowner to have access to only 1 SD db.
Jonathon Druce
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Re: Receive time out

Also make sure that the sa account does not have a null password. SQL 2000 SP4 fixed this issue but you will find that W2003 can shut down coms to the sql server if it finds a null password for sa (security issue). Make sure that you are using the correct port (1433 by default) and are you running SQL as an instance or not?

Also it sometimes helps to restart the entire server to make sure that everything in the SQL world has started correctly.