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is it possible??

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is it possible??

Hi all,
i have a Q,
could it be possible to receive a call from the server or the client SD to SP ?
i mean,i have SP account and its working smoothly i can create,check the calls that i have created from the web,but if there is a call created from the other end(server or SD client) then can i see this call or not????

Mark O'Loughlin
Honored Contributor

Re: is it possible??


in service pages the best thing to do, as you have limited filters for service pages views (2) is to set a filter so that the restricted view shows calls opened for the SP account and the all view (full view) shows all calls for the logged on SP account.

SP users cannot use the thick client (Java client) therefore will not see calls logged by someone else (unles you chnage one of these 2 filters - but this may be limited for SP accounts)

The reason is the SP accounts do not need extra licensing and are restricted to basic functionality

If you need SP users to see other calls logged bu other people - a person with a named or concurrent license can log onto SP and see calls that others have logged.
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Re: is it possible??

Thanks a alots MARK

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event