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integration of SD 4.5 and KBI (knowledge broker inc)

Eric P Nelson
Occasional Advisor

integration of SD 4.5 and KBI (knowledge broker inc)

has anyone had experience with the integration between SD 4.5 and KBI or the knowledgebase solution that CA is providing?
Robert S. Falko
Honored Contributor

Re: integration of SD 4.5 and KBI (knowledge broker inc)


We have not integrated with that particular knowledgebase, but the principles should be the same.

Your basic problem in doing the integration is to set up the query criteria in OVSD, and then potentially return to the current record information from the knowledge base.

If you never want to do a complex query, and if your query criteria (for example, the key words or CIs) are already in OVSD fields, then a SmartAction should do the trick.

If your query criteria need to be more structured, then you might consider a special custom field in OVSD to construct that query, then again using SmartAction with that field as a parameter.

For anything more complex, its probably simplest to simply open the Knowledge Base directly and manually enter the query.

If you need to return information from the Knowledge Base, then cut and paste might be a good option. Otherwise, you will probably need to develop a Java application that uses the Web API to update OVSD.

Eric P Nelson
Occasional Advisor

Re: integration of SD 4.5 and KBI (knowledge broker inc)

Thank you Josh.

We the smart actions are working fine to pass simple queries to Knowledgebase tool. I am still strugling with returning the knowledge found to the solution field of an open service call. I am looking into the web api but not sure where to start.

Any help would be appreciated.

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