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how to create/save SC by sd_event

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how to create/save SC by sd_event


we have integration between CTI & SD 4.5 SP24 but the form is sometimes displayed & we get another call so the helpdesk don't save the form & it disappears...

could you please tell me if I can open SC & save them using sd_event? if yes how ?
can it be integrated with CTI? I know that sd_dataform is the one developped to integrate with CTI... but is it possible for sd_event?

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Re: how to create/save SC by sd_event

As you asserted here sd_event will not display a form to the helpdesk agent.

End users closing forms without saving is sort of a training issue. The application doesn't hide the forms or forgets to ask them to save.

Have you tried the commit action mentioned in the other thread?

Hope this helps.
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