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help finding OVO attributes

Saxo Javier
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help finding OVO attributes


I am trying to figure out how Import Mapping between OVOW7.5 and HPSD 4.5 (SP17) works.

I am not good at SQL, but i guess that I will need to look in the OVOW database for the OVO event attributes in order to map information (like parts of the text description, information in the "General tab" in the OVO event like "Time First Created on Node", etc) but I dont know exactly how or where to look.

Do you have any easy way to get this information?

Feel free to ask further if the info is not enough.

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Re: help finding OVO attributes


There is OV integration setup which you need use for integrating OVO with SD. This has files like sd_event.ini which is the configuration file, sd_event.exe which is used to create an incident/service call in SD. You need not to work with SQL for integerating. You need to specify the mapping in SD->external_event.

Saxo Javier
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Re: help finding OVO attributes

Thanks, yes I know that.
I was referring to SQL because I cannot figure out where to find the OVO attributes in order to map them to SD
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event