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faild to open connection to srvice desk data

Catherine Doce
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faild to open connection to srvice desk data

Dear all,
we have service desk application server 4.5 with service back 13 on hp_ux11.11 on oracle 10g database.
The installation of applecation server done successfully, but when running the application sever it still running for a few minutes only and stop suddnly give the logs files with containing errors in the attached file.
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Re: faild to open connection to srvice desk data

Hi Catherine,

Even I also faced the same problem when I installed HPSD 4.5 sp13 on omy windows machine.
I did a lot of activities for that like for example: I reconfigured the database.Then and re-configured the database and then the problem got resolved once but again it came back then finally I deleted my database(DO NOT DO THIS IN YOUR CASE IF IT'S A PRODUCTION SERVER) and then finally re-installed the service desk,reconfigured the DB and now the problem got resolved.

Please try my first step of reconfiguring the database when application server is stopped.One thing please specify:while doing this activity whether you get any information "application server's are running on following machine...please stop these before reconfiguring the same"