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error message on "table" view

Victoria Stefan
Super Contributor.

error message on "table" view

Hi All

When trying to access "table" view on the client console (SD 4.5. SP15) I have the following error message: Invalid property value

In the client log file:
05/01/2006 12:35:41 Invalid property value
at com/hp/ifc/ui/grid/_GridEX.setFont
at com/hp/ifc/ui/grid/GridEX/GridEX.setFont
at com/hp/ifc/ui/AppTableView.preLoadAutoFormat
at com/hp/ifc/ui/AppTableView.setViewInfo
at com/hp/ifc/ui/AppDataViewPane.setView
at com/hp/ifc/ui/AppDataViewPane.setView
at com/hp/ifc/ui/AppDataViewPane.execute
at com/hp/ifc/ui/AppConsole.commandbarExecute
at com/hp/ifc/ui/CommandBarEventHandler.invoke
at com/hp/ifc/ui/AppCommandBar.onExecute
at com/hp/ifc/ui/AppCommandBar.comboCloseUp
at com/hp/ifc/ui/toolbar/SSActiveToolBars/ComboCloseUpHandler.invoke
at com/hp/ifc/ui/toolbar/SSActiveToolBars/SSActiveToolBarsEventMulticaster.ComboCloseUp
at com/ms/wfc/win32/Windows.DispatchMessage
at com/ms/wfc/app/Application$ThreadContext.runMessageLoop
at com/ms/wfc/app/
at com/hp/ifc/ui/AppConsole.main

Do you know where the problems is?

Thanks a lot!

Illya Lyfar
Respected Contributor.

Re: error message on "table" view

Hi, Victoria

You can try execute following command on client PC (if this error occurs only from this PC):
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Software GridEx Shared\register.bat

Regards, Illya
Victoria Stefan
Super Contributor.

Re: error message on "table" view

Hi, Illya!

I tryed to execute the command, but get the error message:
DllRegisterServer in GridEx20.ocx failed.
Return code was: 0x80004005

Thank you for your response. I already know where is the problem and when I deal with it, I'll inform you and give you more points. :)



Victoria Stefan
Super Contributor.

Re: error message on "table" view

The problem occures when new fonts are installed on the end user’s computer.