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entring data in service desk thro sql

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entring data in service desk thro sql

Hello friends

i have servicedesk 4.5 installed at my location.
now we have to enter deatils of some 700 customers of ours in the organisation field.
since manually it is going to take a lot of time can u tell some way to enter these using sql server . what is that table named .

a.k.a dus-ro
George M. Meneg
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Re: entring data in service desk thro sql

Hello Robs,

This is why "Data exchange" exists for. Have a through read at "Administrator's Guide" and "Data exchange" manuals.
menes fhtagn
Chris Bailey_3
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Re: entring data in service desk thro sql


George is right that you should have a glance through the data exchange manual. It should help make clear the types of options that are available for importing data into Service Desk in mass quantities.

At a high level though, here are the steps you can expect to perform.

1. Populate an Excel spreadsheet, text document, or SQL table (anything ODBC compliant) with all of the data for your organization records. There are a few rules to keep in mind, such as using all capital letters in the column names without spaces, etc. which the admin and data exchange guides will help to outline for you.

2. Create an ODBC connection on the machine you will use to import the data. (In my experience, this is best done on the SD server itself.)

3. Use the "Data Exchange Wizard" (usually installed with the SD client) to create an .ini file which maps your data into an XML document proper for importing into Service Desk.

4. In Service Desk's Administrator Console, go under "Data"->"Data Exchange"->"Import Mappings". Here you can create an import mapping that takes you previous column names and maps the values to attributes in Service Desk. (e.g. ORGNAME -> Organization;Name1) Again, there are other options and complexities here that the admin guide will help to resolve, along with perhaps a search of these forums for tips.

5. After your import mapping is created, under "Data"->"Data Exchange", there is a "Data Exchange Task" option. You create a task that will use the import mapping you created in step 4 to import the data from the XML file created in step 3.

Thought it might be helpful to have a walkthrough, but I still hope it's been emphasized enough that there's a lot of info in that data exchange guide worth reviewing, especially for an SD administrator. Good luck, and don't be afraid to post back with any further questions.

David Borojevic
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Re: entring data in service desk thro sql

Hi Rob,

Yes Data Exchange is the go - I think it would be very unwise to allow data to be entered directly through to the SQL tables. Firstly you probably can learn Data Exchange faster than you can become familiar with the underlying schema. Secondly, data exchange can be setup to be ongoing if there is a data source already being kept up to date.

Chris, your point 1? I believe that the source data does not have to be capitals and no spaces in the column names. But, the resulting XML attributes and the Import mapping needs to have be done with capitals and no spaces though.

Also Robs, the sooner you get into understanding and working directly in the data exchange ini files the better. I think most people find the Data Exchange Wizard only a basic starting point to create the ini file. I have found it to be quite buggy?

Good luck with it.

Guy Salomon
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Re: entring data in service desk thro sql

Everyone has very good points about Exchange. However some things to help you avoid a lot of frustration.

1> Prior to Import BE SURE that the SQL data is cleaned up. You want to make sure Locations, Part types etc. are standard format. For example if you wish to associate orders to a location, say New Jersey... if your raw SQL data has multiple values of location, NJ or N.J. or New Jersey or Jersey and accurate import is not possible.

2> If items have been pasted into your raw SQL records BEWARE especially screen scrapes of text data. They likely will contain "hidden" characters. These may take the shape of carrage returns, values that cause the text to be highlighted and so on. You may not see them but Exchange will. They too will cause the import to fail.

Unfortunately these are things I learned the HARDWAY on my first imports.

Hope this helps,
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Re: entring data in service desk thro sql

hey frends
i have done all process but when i import data in service desk than it is giving following error:
"ERROR: Parser error: com.hp.ifc.ext.ExternalException: Unknown external application: ci-141105."

plz help me why this error is coming
David Borojevic
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Re: entring data in service desk thro sql

Finding the source of errors in Data Exchange is easy once you know where to look. Here are some hints that might help.

1) The export creates an XML. From the GUI you can open the XML and each "record" in the xml is given a unique ID.

I assume your XML looks good and the error is when importing.

2) Open the Logfiles for the import. To get the complete log file click on the list logfiles button at the bottom of the Data Exchange Task form. The _import_error file won't tell you where so just open the _import. Where ever there is an error, the id relates to the unique id in the XML.

Attach the log file if you need more assistance.