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enable\disable problem

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ibrahim ozel
Occasional Contributor

enable\disable problem

Hi everyone.

I m designing a form on SD 4.5 (SP 20). I want to enable some custom fields for any category. But when a custom field is disable on form, the rule which effect this custom field can not effect. For example I want to update data when category changes and set any data to custom field. it cant run. Rule cant modify the custom field.

Is there any solution for this issue? I need help.
Mark O'Loughlin
Honored Contributor

Re: enable\disable problem


this could be the issue. UI rules are not updating custom code fields when they are enabled fro certain categories. Please see the attachment. Fix is in SP 21 (though some people have reported slow response times with SP 21).
Cy Wong
Super Collector

Re: enable\disable problem

We are in the process of testing SP22 upgrade in our test environment. Before SP20, UI/DB Rule ignores the read-only setting in Custom Fields and is able to update these fields. However, since SP20, ITSM008525 is fixed so that UI/DB now checks if the categories specified in the Custom Field setting are met before updating the field.

In our current SP15 environment, we have a lot of Custom Fields which are read-only (not enabled for any categories) and updated by UI/DB rules. SP20 breaks these UI/DB rules by now allowing them to update read-only Custom Fields.

We know that we can change the Custom Fields to be enabled for All Categories, then make them read-only from the Role's Advance Item Access form. However, this will mean that we will have to update all existing read-only Custom Fields in all roles.

We are hoping that someone have a better solution?
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