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email service call and outcomig email

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email service call and outcomig email

hi all

we have 3 differents service desk in one system SD45 (sp 23), realize this magic with folders
about 3 incoming emails adresses have in system
use email service call object
but outcoming mail send only from ONE adress (system panel)
really we need outcoming email from MORE THAT ONE adresses, base on folders


im trying
1) db rule (edit from adress) has no effect (think, rule has effect AFTER email from email service call saving)
2) ui rule (edit from adress) change email service call attribute from adress, but has no effect in real email from this email sc (guess sd45 execute hide system action in process sending email, this system action edit from adress, and change one – attribute from system panel)
3) field reply-to don't change in email service call, its basic system attribute (system panel)

omg, its really in SD45? :)


Ruth Porter
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Re: email service call and outcomig email

Hi there,

As far as I know you can cannot have more than 1 email system set up a sthe destination for outbound emails.

Where we have been in this istuation, the usual way round is for that destination email system to be configured to pass emails on to the real destination.

Hope this helps, Ruth