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deadline calculation in OVSD 5.0

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deadline calculation in OVSD 5.0


Is there any way in OVSD 5.0 ; where it calculates the total number of duration of a particular SC when it was in Pending? And also is there a way that recalculates the Deadline whenever the SC was set in the Pending Status?

say for e.g. one of the agents logged a top priority call and the deadline is set to current time + 4hrs and the support agent works for almost 2hrs and then finds that he requires additional info from the user and then he puts the SC in pending (by this time the deadline would be only 2hrs)… What I am observing is, even when the SC is put in Pending, the Deadline clock is ticking. Consider the customer replied after 3hrs and then the support person updates his SC and then changes the status to In Progress and starts working. Now the deadline would be showing -01:00hrs (minus value). I also searched the Forum and found that there is no way where we can stop the SLA ticking whenever a SC is set to Pending/Waiting.

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Re: deadline calculation in OVSD 5.0

Hi Nagu,

This is an endless battle with HP SD. Check this link.