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db rules do not work all the time

Christian Nilss
Super Contributor.

db rules do not work all the time

I have problems with all my db rules, (SC = 19, WO = 15).
Sometimes they are wokring just fine and 10 minutes later they are not, strange!.

The problem is that i cant say when its not working and the opposite. Have anyone heard of this issue before?

I activated db rule debug and its not telling anything for the moment...

windows, sp14
I do not have any sch. tasks.

Oguz Kutlu Asi
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: db rules do not work all the time


If you apply a service pack to a system that has rules scheduled to run in future times, you may have problems with db rules. Try to clear all scheduled rules. Check thread

if you need to know how to clear db&ui rules.
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