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database rules not working

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database rules not working

Dear All

We are using SD4.5 sp 14.Last month we created around 160 DB rules since we have different escalation per hour.

There are two types of rules :

1) for registered calls : sms is sent when a call is registered(1hr,2hr------7hrs)

2) for closed calls : sms is sent when the uptime is filled and reason for outage is not empty (immediate after these fields r filled)

The problem which we are facing is that the registered sms are going fine after each hr but the sms for closure are not working.

please see the database rule nd suggest what could be the problem.

1) L3 escalation for South calls closure---When service call is modified where Service (*) equals Backbone AND Impact (*) equals Non Service Affecting AND Workarea equals %SOUTH% AND NOT (Uptime is empty) AND RFO (*) is anything AND Escalation Level equals 3000 AND Category equals environmental alarms
Action : L3 escalation for South calls closure (Command Exec Action) , L3 escalation for South NSA Major calls closure, Host: *.*.*.*, Command line: cmd.exe /c D:\Som\bin\, Parameters: -g L3-South -m "NSA - TT No: [ID], [Category], Description:[Description], Impact: [Impact], Down Since: [Down Since], Uptime: [Uptime], Total Duration: [Total Duration], RFO: [Reason for outage]"
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Re: database rules not working

It's unlikely we can suggest what the problem is based on the DB Rule. After all, it is your particular set of conditions that will trigger it...

What do server and agent logs say?