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Hi people,

I have users getting the following messages, usually when starting Service Desk in the Service Call module:'1427580.5852546296' is not a valid value for 'd'. 'd' should be between -657434.0 and 2958466.0'-693722.4284837963' is not a valid value for 'd'. 'd' should be between -657434.0 and 2958466.0'-693871.5965277777' is not a valid value for 'd'. 'd' should be between -657434.0 and 2958466.0

Does anyone know the causes? So far I have usually passed them off as an undocumented feature as they don't cause any obvious problem, but it would be nice to find out what the cause is likely to be.

We are on SD4.5, SP30 and access the pc client app via Citrix.

Grateful for any ideas.
Super Collector

Re: messages

I should add, the first iteration of this message has casued the user's view to either be reset, or lose group or filter settings.
The Pike
Honored Contributor

Re: messages

Some questions to narrow down the issue
Is it always the same view being loaded when starting the Service Call module?
Is the View filtered by date values?

Points are welcome.

The Pike
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Re: messages

Thanks The Pike

As far as I know there is no Date filtering - only by Status (open calls) and (user's) Workgroup for the first message, the view returns approx 20-30 records.

The second comes up with only Status filtering for open calls, which returns approx 450 records (or did when the error message came up).

I'm unsure of the 3rd message, but think it came from the same view setup as the second message.

Unfortunatly I can't replicate the error, so have been unable to track down any likely culprits.

Points following swiftly.


//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event