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cant relate CI to ORGs

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cant relate CI to ORGs


I'm just trying to relate some CIs to the organization they serve. On the CI tab from the Org form, I can see there is a way to link CIs, but the link button in disabled!!

Why is that?

I know there's also a way of linking CIs to orgs via the OWNER ORG of the CI, which has to be done from the CI form, but this isn't what I'm looking for...
What is the use of the other CI linking fields in the ORG form, and why can't I use them?
Thanks a lot
George M. Meneg
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Re: cant relate CI to ORGs

Hello Yolanda,

If you open a CI using the form "Configuration Item (All fields)" in the tab users you can find the "CIorgs". If you relate the item to the organization it will be listed on CIorgs list (it has no label) on the organization form. (the topmost list)

In the same CI form, if you fill the "Organization" in the "Administrator" panel of tab General, the CI will be listed at "Administrator of configuration items" list in the organization form.

Finally, if you instert an organization at Financial tab it will be listed in the "Owner of Products" list in the Organization form.

However, I don't know and can't think of any reason why SD doesn't have the ability to link CI's within Organization form.
menes fhtagn
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Re: cant relate CI to ORGs

Thanks for the answer.