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annotation for service desk on ovo

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annotation for service desk on ovo

there is integration between service desk and

ovo in our environment . previously if any

message is forwarded to service desk we have

an annotation for that on the message in ovo

showing service desk no annotation

appears although the ticket is created

so what may cause this?
Rune Kvale
Regular Collector

Re: annotation for service desk on ovo


When a incident forwarded from OVO to SD a db-rule is triggered. This db-rule uses cscript and the ovo-sd.vbs to set ownership, create annotation etc.
Open the db-rule in SD admin console and find the action that sets the annotation. Try to run the command from a command line on the machine in the "host" field.

If this works then most likely the db-rule does not trigger or the SD-agent is not running.

If it does not work, you should have a error message.

Hope this get you any closer to finding the cause.

Best Regards,
Rune Kvale
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event