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allow creation of FAQ group

Elias Abboud
Acclaimed Contributor.

allow creation of FAQ group

hello everyone

What is the exact permission I need to give to my custom helpdesk role in SD 5.1 to allow help desk staff to create new FAQ groups.

Currently, helpdesk can assign existing FAQ groups but the New button for FAQ group creation is disabled.

Logging in with system administrator allows the creation of New FAQ groups. This is why I am thinking it isd a permission issue.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
thanks in advance
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George M. Meneg
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: allow creation of FAQ group

Hello Elias,

In OVSD 4.5 (and I think the same stands also for OVSD 5.xx) you can't do what you want. You see, FAQ Group is an hierarchical code entity (like Category or Classification) thus it is not controlled through roles.

So, login with system (or with a role that have system administrator rights) is required to alter FAQ Group (or other code entity)
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