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Wrong deadline calculation

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Wrong deadline calculation

Hi all,
I have a problem in the deadline calculation.
I have Service Desk 4.5 with Service Pack 20.

In the service level (Bronze 8x5), I have defined:
Support Hours Monday-Friday 9:00-18:00;
Impact vs Priority:
Low ( 1 person affected) - Low
Medium (Group / Unit affected) - Medium
High (Department affected) - High
Top (Site / Organization affected) - Top.

Then, I have configured Max.Duration for service call:
Top - 1hour;
High - 4 hours;
Medium - 24 hours;
Low - 72 hours.

for example if my call logged at 22/02/2007 14:30:00 With Priority High. the deadline is setted to 22/02/2007 18:30:00.
The right deadline should be setted to 23/02/2007 09:30:00.

someone could help me thanks
George M. Meneg
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Re: Wrong deadline calculation

Hello Barbara,

Just for clarification, this service call has service? In order for Service Level to be taken into account, a service must be specified on the service call.
menes fhtagn