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Work Order Workflow Templates

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Work Order Workflow Templates

Hello -

We are setting up change templates and that have many Work Orders that need to be setup with workflow so that certain work orders are assigned when other work orders are completed. Many of these are simple and linear.

Has anyone done this? I see how I can seutp the "Ad-Hoc" workflow in the workflow tab of the work order, but this seems to be necessary to setup each time a new change is created. My users want to just create a change from a template and have that all ready to go.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and rewarded :)

Mike Bush
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Re: Work Order Workflow Templates


your workflow CAN be set up as a Change template, it is a little tedious and if you alter the structure later it can be a pain to update.

You must first create some WO templates, imagine these are to run W1 --> W2 --> W3.
Starting at the END of the chain (W3) ensure that it creates a PREDECESSOR of W2. Then similarly update W2 template to say it creates PREDECESSOR W1.

Then you should be able to attach W3 to a Change template and, when created, the change will sprout a set of linked WO.
Vasily Kamenev
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Re: Work Order Workflow Templates

open api folder from your Service Pack and read manual-autowo.pdf, believe you found answer on your question.