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What version is javaw.exe?

Brian Johnson_1
Occasional Advisor

What version is javaw.exe?

What version is the javaw.exe which is installed by the HP2550 Toolbox?

The Java which I have on my system is 1.5.0_06-b05 and it's supposed to be secure.

So, I suppose that what I'm actually asking is: is HP's javaw.exe a secure version, or is it an older insecure version?
Christian Doll

Re: What version is javaw.exe?

Hello Brian,

javaw is a part of your JRE and is responsible for the Java Webservices like applets...

So it should be the same version like your JRE.

If you want to get sure, run an applet in your browser and open the java console(under windows you have a cup of tea near your clock where you can open it). In the console you can check which version of javaw.exe you are using.


Venugopal Palan
Honored Contributor

Re: What version is javaw.exe?

The java.exe exsits on the location javaw.exe didn't help? Just by java.exe -version

Cheers, Amar.
Brian Johnson_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: What version is javaw.exe?

When the HP Toolbox starts up, it start HP's (potentially insecure) javaw.exe -- not my own (secure) version of javaw.exe.

I suppose that I could replace HP's version with Sun's 'official' version. Has anyone tried that?

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