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What ports are required by SD 4.5?

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Peter Dent
Frequent Visitor

What ports are required by SD 4.5?


I'm running SD 4.5 on SP14, (In this case).

I need to access an application server which is behind a firewall.

It uses an attachment server as well.

Can anybody tell me which ports I need to open to allow the full client to communicate with the apps server?

George M. Meneg
Honored Contributor

Re: What ports are required by SD 4.5?

Hello Peter,

Usually server listens to port 30999. To find the correct port, open server_settings.xml and try to locate . Or simply run server setting editor to see that.

If you plan to use sd_event, you also need to open the HTTP port, assuming that it is activated. Usually it's the port 30980

Also if you enabled inbound e-mail support you must also allow access to port 25. This is not per client setting, port 25 of the application server must be globally open, or at least open to the people that you want to use inbound e-mail.

Furthermore, if you plan to use agent, then the server must be able to access the port 50998 of the machine where agent is running. Also, if you want "tray notifications" to be working, server must have access to a range of ports, normally from 40999 to 41025 of the client.
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Ruth Porter
Honored Contributor

Re: What ports are required by SD 4.5?

Hi Peter,

Please award lots of points to George on my behalf: I had not known that the tray icon needed 40999 to 41025 of the client.

Thanks George, regards, Ruth
Peter Dent
Frequent Visitor

Re: What ports are required by SD 4.5?

Ruth, as requested max points for that complete and concise answer.

I don't know how I'd manage without you guys....
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