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What is hpovsdserver.log ?

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What is hpovsdserver.log ?


What is hpivsdserver.log and
When does it grow ?

I have SD AP server on HP-UX(11i).
After start AP server by /sbin/init.d/hpovsdserver start, this file is exist.

I want to know whether I should switch this file(if this file will grow)
Ramaprasad N
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Re: What is hpovsdserver.log ?

This the the OVSD server log file. This log file contains entries made by the OVSD app server. OVSD app server startup entries will be in this log file. If App server could not be started, then the errors will be logged in to this file. If the DB rule debugging is enabled, this log file will have more information with respect to DB rules/execution. If you turn on tracing for any of the components/services in OVSD, this log file will hold the tracing information.

The path to this log file is indicated in the /opt/OV/sd/server/serversettings.xml file. You can change the location of this log file by running /opt/OV/sd/server/bin/sd_serversettingseditor. In the general tab, change the location for 'Logfile name' attribute.

NOTE: Assuming that OVSD is installed under /opt/OV/sd.