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What is ...\AppData\Roaming\HP OpenView\data\tmp

Stephen Wood fr
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What is ...\AppData\Roaming\HP OpenView\data\tmp

Hi there,

I have looked through all the Openview PDF manuals I have but cannot find anything to do with the word 'roaming'.

I have a folder on my PC with 1151 folders in, each with an individual file which appears to be a file attachement from my Change Records in HP Openview 5.1.

I have spoken before about this and I had originally thought (with replies I received) that these 'local' documents' appeared when I "updated" attachments (instead of the usual "Save attahcment to desktop", delete from the Change Record, Close Change Record, Edit document locally, then reattach to Change record and Save and close) but when now finally trying to repatriate these once thought "updated so saved locally documents" back to the Openview server by the following process:

- Identify file from xxxxxx folder under ....\tmpo on my C: drive (folder tmp sorted date oldest first)
- Copy it to my desktop
- Locate Change record with this file attachment
- Delete attachment from Openview Change record
- then the local tmp\xxxxxxx folder containng this file on my PC disappears - which is fine.
- then I close the change record and then reopen it, reattach the file from my desktop as a "new file".
- Save and close
- Delete the file from my desktop
- Reopen the change record
Open the file - wehey, it is now there.

- BUT now I check the number of folders and Openview has put the new fiole back into my ....AppData\Roaming\HP OpenView\data\tmp\xxxxx folder at the bottom of my date sorted tmp folder list (!!!!!!!!)

So, having found that it creates new folders under the c:\users\wood_s\AppData\Roaming\HP OpenView\data\tmp\* folder, what the heck is happening?!?!?!?!?!?!

What are these "roaming" tmp directories on my PC?

Will the server genuinely have the latest up to date copy?

If anyone knows or has a manual about this roaming tmp files thing I would be grateful if they can send me one to study at

Or if you have knowledge of this interesting (but annoying phenomenon, please reply.

Many thanks


The Pike
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Re: What is ...\AppData\Roaming\HP OpenView\data\tmp

Roaming profiles is something I looked into a while ago.

I use Service Desk 4.5 and Windows XP.

From the looks of your folder structure, you use either Windows Vista or Windows 7.

On a SD5.10 test box I have, there is no indication a "Roaming" directory is created by default. Then again, I've only scratched the surface when it comes to installing Service Desk on Vista or 7.

Take a look here:

Hope this helps.
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The Pike
Stephen Wood fr
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Re: What is ...\AppData\Roaming\HP OpenView\data\tmp


Yes I am on Vista.

Am curious as to whether this is a Vista thing (in which case I can ignore the local files) or if it is a HP Openview thing, as when I attach files into Openview, is it Openview putting them there for its purposes or Vista for Vistas purposes?

I think its a Vista thing because there is no mention of "roaming" in the HP OV guides.

But, going back to my other query of some time ago, if you "edit" an attachment from Openview and then "save" it, it gives you the impression that it has saved the attachment back to Openview when in fact the original stays with Openview and the "Updated version" is stored (by the O/s?) into a tmp folder on your PC. So when other users view the attachment, it is the original, and when I view it, it is the latest (so Openview musyt track this on my PC somehow!), reloaded from my PC.

Why can't things just be simple :)

The Pike
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Re: What is ...\AppData\Roaming\HP OpenView\data\tmp

If things were simple, smart people would get bored easily :) .

The Roaming folder is a Vista thing as the article in the link I posted suggests.

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The Pike