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Web interface on port 443

Andy Cravens_2
Regular Collector

Web interface on port 443

Service Desk 5.0 on Solaris 9. I want to run the web interface on port 443 instead of the default port of 8080. I know how to edit tomcat's server.xml file but on startup it keeps getting overwritten by some "default" copy of server.xml so I loose all my changes.

Are there some official instructions for making this mod? I searched through ALL of the Service Desk pdf files and could find no info on changing this.
Andy Cravens_2
Regular Collector

Re: Web interface on port 443

Apparently, Service Desk does not support any SSL functionality. The bundled Apache server does not have mod_ssl compiled in it. I tried three options for getting SSL functionality for Service Desk:

1) Edited /opt/OV/nonOV/tomcat/a/conf/server.xml.ovtemplate

and configured tomcat for SSL. I was able to get tomcat working with SSL but the Service Desk Console produced java null pointer exceptions. I would asssume the bundled Apache server needs to be recompiled with mod_ssl and SSLified too.

2) Installed stunnel on the server. Stunnel is a free SSL wrapper program. This only worked partially. The web interface kept returning references to non-SSL pages which made the SSL encryption unusable.

3) Installed an Apache/mod_ssl server on a separate server and set it up as a reverse proxy to the Service Desk server. This worked perfectly but requires an additional server.

It's unfortunate that HP has not taken security into consideration with the Service Desk product.
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