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Web Console installer Error

Eric P_2
Outstanding Contributor.

Web Console installer Error

Dear All,

This is kind of old question but wondering I just got this error and cannot solve it :(

I tried to install Web Consol (SP15) and got error Could not find java virtual machine. (Error attached)

All i did:
1. Install Java sdk1.3.1_03 (comes from Servicedesk CD and have been used so far for application server)

2. Install Java 2 sdk 1.4.2_10

3. Tried to set up Java_Home to point both directory but both failed too (got same error)

4. Tried to install VM (the one the we did when installing client)

All steps above still no help.

Please Advice.

Eric P_2
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: Web Console installer Error

Found the old topic for this issue